So today brought a pictorial treasure of part of a woman’s life from the bush and lagoons of Urunga on the North Coast of New South Wales. I hope that I can share these moments of happiness and loss with my artist friends at the upcoming show this weekend at Barberton Gallery of Fine Arts in the way that I have experienced them as a viewer. And I also hope that I can show how photographer LynneSanders-Braithwaite’s pictorial narrative mirrors the ups and downs of life that we all go through—as it mirrors the joys and griefs of my own recent years. Lynne, for me—you are the epitome of grace and I promise to hone my kayaking skills and meet you halfway to Urunga, across the sea whose stillness and turbulence is so much like life. When we meet we shall talk about dragonflies and fairy paths and bush babies and Cobargo Hats and creativity and songs of lost loves and we will laugh at the synchronities of online lineages that connect far away countries in dreams and connections in the night.


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