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Clambering up out of another pit. The day was greatly brightened by a visit from KB and Clarz. We rearranged my outdoor area and its good now. We went opshopping and I scored an embroidered quilt cover. We ate lunch at the OVH which is what we call the Oceanview Hotel. I had sausages. I haven’t had sausages for a long time. And we came home. I had a couple of visitors and then – against my internal resistance I  took myself down to the Lido to see the Moonrise and dammit if it wasn’t just beautiful with pelicans on the old diving towers and the moon coming up above them.

Now I am home with the heater on because its mean cold. 8 degrees in Urunga . That is cold for here.  7 degrees in Eden and Poppy is back from her survival camp.

Gee – it was a beautiful evening. SHACK BW

and recovery wise : let me think. a phone call with RQ in sydney and a sponsoring visit with meeting but that’s ok in one day.

“It’s hard to spot a spiritual crisis: Usually it is disguised as a crisis in our relationships, finances, career, or family.”
Narcotics Anonymous, Living Clean: The Journey Continues