I slept almost all day. The weakness remains. One week of mild busyness and I am worn out. Too worn out today even to want the Kids to come and visit or to go to a meeting. That is saying something. So I slept the day away.

The Gas ran out. That will need to be replaced tomorrow. The garage up on the Highway does that for me. Hickeys. HIckeys had the best practical advice for me following Izzy’s death. Down to earth mechanical advice. It worked better for me than any of the wishy washy woman stuff.

Leave the car  sit there for the moment. One day you will notice it again. Then, maybe, you will be ready to begin creating the life you will be leading.

Tonight, I am cooking dinner again. I don’t cook with joy or excitement but I am cooking dinner again. Tonight, I am wondering who stole the tools from Clover’s house across the way last night. Wondering about my kayak while I am away.

Idly wondering is all.

Next week, I am booked to fly South to Merimbula and then in to Eden. Sunday is the first anniversary of Izzy’s death. I timed the trip to follow closely to that date.

The power just went out.  Bum to that. I went out and fiddled with the electricity box and then reset the power board and most importantly I unplugged the dodgy heater I got fro Raleigh 2ndhand Barn and everything is back on again. That’s life on your own. Sux eggs. Did it for years. Didn’t fancy doing it again – but here I am. Here I am.

The Ecilops just came to check on the house over the way where the tools were stolen.

Every now and then, as the day passes, I come back to the Coma and the Horror of what was involved in that. I come back to Izzy lying beside the road and I am haunted still.  But the Healing continues and the soothing peace of life here.


7 Common Mistakes That Can Derail Your Recovery

And its no easy path to follow on days like this when I am weary and far from meetings and other people.


7 Common Mistakes That Can Derail Your Recovery

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Help staying on the path to sobriety

Some struggles in life are temporary. If you fight hard enough, you can solve your problem for life and never have to deal with it again. But other struggles aren’t like that. You have to work to get into a position where you’re above your problem, but there’s no permanent solution or cure. Instead, you have to stay strong in the face of issues that can come up years or even decades later and threaten to derail you.

Addiction is a chronic disease. It can be beaten, and many people have recovered and maintained their sobriety permanently. But in order to accomplish a lifetime of sobriety, it’s important to stay vigilant for common mistakes which can knock you off your path. These are seven common mistakes to watch out for as you build a happy and sustainable life through recovery:

via 7 Common Mistakes That Can Derail Your Recovery.

via 7 Common Mistakes That Can Derail Your Recovery.

Famous Writer Gives 12-Step Advice

Famous Writer Gives 12-Step Advice

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This is Water

Famous American novelist David Foster Wallace gave the 2005 commencement address to the graduating class of Kenyon College. He shunned the traditional graduation speech in favor of something a little more…spiritual.

In his speech, Wallace touched on a number of ideas that are very twelve-step in nature. He spoke about things like spirituality, perception, unconscious negative beliefs, self-centeredness, attitude, and how everyone, whether they like it or not, is connected.

The speech, which has come to be called “This is Water,” caused some waves when he made it. Not least of which was due to his use of some four-letter words. It was also anthologized in the Best American Non-Required Reading 2006 and later printed as its own book.

So, just what made Wallace’s speech so intriguing? Why did he choose to break the conventions of typical graduation speeches and deliver something a bit more personal? More importantly, what lessons can we take from his talk?

Ultimately, I don’t have the answers to these questions. What I do have is an opinion and a link to his speech. Find both below.

via Famous Writer Gives 12-Step Advice.

via Famous Writer Gives 12-Step Advice.