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I did the Meeting today. Despite the internal resistance. And it worked as they do. Talked with the Girls who are doing it tough and making odd decisions. It was good talking.

Then the day was mine once more. I was thinking as Alfie and I came home about how truly difficult it has been through the year of shock and trauma. I couldn’t remember anything in the middle of it. Just like at the beginning of Recovery.Its much better now.

And nearing dark I caught a glimpse of light outside my window and took a drive to follow the sun. Round to Chinatown I went. And there it was – the sun setting.

I have begun to pack for this trip. Since 2007 I have travelled with Izzy and that meant taking as much stuff as I wished. We travelled in his Vans. Our Vans. This time I am in the Plane so I had best get a simple plan going. Years back I was able to do Armidale with one simple Paklite bag but I am out of practice. I have Macbook.Makeup. Clothes. Boots and shoes. And Cameras.  That needs to be cut back this time even tough its wintertime travel.

It may well take me all week this first time and that doesn’t matter at all. It doesn’t even matter if I get it wrong. I shall aim for easily carried and handled and if I forget something, then I shall get it down there or borrow something from Mad O;Brian.

For tonight. Bed before midnight.