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12 Step Prayers

Thanks to our friend Holly Jo for passing this on to us. These little prayers are great for anyone in AA, Alanon, Alateen or anyone who wants to have a greater understanding of the 12 Step Program, in order to grow closer to their friend or loved one who is in recovery. Enjoy.

~First Step Prayer~

Dear Lord,

I admit that I am powerless over my addiction.

I admit that my life is unmanageable when I try to control it.

Help me this day to understand the true meaning of powerlessness.

Remove from me all denial of my addiction.

via 12 Step Prayers | Changing Lives Foundation Blog.

via 12 Step Prayers | Changing Lives Foundation Blog.

Everything You Need To Know About Sober Travel | The Adventures of a Sober Senorita

Posts and Blogs by others in Various forms of Recovery from Various things.

I really can’t believe I haven’t written a specific post about this before. Most of you know that traveling is one of my favorite things and it’s 1000% better now that I’m sober. Travel can be intimidating when you’re newly sober. I am often asked about places to avoid, what I do differently now that I’m sober, and overall how sober travel compares to drunk travel. I’m going to answer these questions and share my experience on how sober travel is for me now and how it was when I first got sober.

via Everything You Need To Know About Sober Travel | The Adventures of a Sober Senorita.

via Everything You Need To Know About Sober Travel | The Adventures of a Sober Senorita.

Just A Rock | The trials of a young woman awkwardly trudging her way to happy destiny

Sorrow and Gratitude

Posted on July 27, 2015


My Name is Steph, I am an alcoholic, and I am so fucking grateful to the program of Alcoholics Anonymous.

This past Friday I received news from an emergency room doctor that I have a medical condition which has affected both of my ovaries and typically leads to infertility. [Shit.]

My immediate thought was, “But I’m only twenty-three years old, this is something I shouldn’t be facing until I’m at least in my thirties!” Which surprisingly was not that far from my thoughts immediately before coming into the rooms, “I’m only twenty-one! I should be drinking until I’m at least in my thirties!”

As my sudden shock began to dissipate, that fearful thought morphed into something much more divine, a thought that may have been placed in my mind so directly and gracefully by the God of my understanding.

via Just A Rock | The trials of a young woman awkwardly trudging her way to happy destiny.

via Just A Rock | The trials of a young woman awkwardly trudging her way to happy destiny.


Its the middle of the night, a time with which I have become familiar. I am  acting my way through this time. Doing correct action and waiting to see what feelings follow.

I was taught that in the late 80s at Langton Clinic in Surry Hills.





Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

So yesterday, I got up and dressed ready for Open Day at School but the Kid was still sick so that was cancelled.

1. I spoke for a long time with RQ. That’s the peer sponsorship part of the day.

2. I made a light lunch and ate it.

3. I took my Chinese Herbs.

4. I mowed the lawns. I MOWED THE LAWNS. There’s a whole mass of factors in that from strength, endurance and  overcoming my fear of other people laughing at me.

5. KL came for a visit. That’s the sponsoring element of the day done.

6.Then I did go for the haircut and went on Anthony’s judgement – a mass of curls and not cut boy short as I was considering.

7. I cooked a proper dinner of chicken Kiev and steamed vegies.

8. Then I contacted St George and did the online NA meeting at 9pm.

There were 2 more containers of herbs for me on my doorstep. Liver soothing – I sure hope they work in the next day or so because I am very uncomfortable. It was a day of good people and good things. One message I got this week from the 2 meetings I did was – ANYTHING I PUT IN FRONT OF MY RECOVERY I WILL LOSE. That is something I have known for 28 years and the Reminder has eased a good deal of my mental strife. So I have been attending to Business, and heading down what looks like a lonely road but has so far in my life led me to the good places.



What a difference a day makes. The day shaped up all amiss. I truly do not enjoy being back in the Land of Early Recovery. Its not Early Recovery from Active Addiction but it is Early Recovery from Death and Coma and House Move and I am experiencing many of the things I did back in the late 80s and I do not like it very much at all.

So I set out this morning and my mind went into muddled and the old ” did I leave the heater on ? ” syndrome which I haven’t suffered from for many years. Then it escaped into the – Should I go to the Meeting or the Acupuncturist or the Beautician or put petrol in Alfie.

Round about then, I realised I had a Wild Beast on the Loose and returned to Base to start again.

The Heater, of course, was off. I am an obsessive. I re-exited the Shack and the neighbour stopped to chat. She levels me. An inherently sane young woman.

She reminded me of what my Sister used to say in those terrible months of her dying.That she did whatever she was cap[able of doing on that given day.

So, the Beast shrank just a little and I drove off with relatively good vision considering the Liver and the Cataract, I headed past the Meeting but I could hear the Daughter’s Voice saying ” You need the acupuncture and herbs again, Mum ” So I go round the block several times. Get some money out of the ATM. Cancel the Beautician. Make a hairdressing appointment. (all unusual experiences for me) I go to middle petrol station and fill Alfie up for $60. They will do driveway service there if asked and we had a wee chat about Tumbarumba. It was the first town I taught in in 1970 and the Manager of the Servo came from there.

The Wild Beast’s hair smoothed down with the Idle Banter and we set off for Bello. From that point onwards things began to truly go smoothly.

I parked easily in the Crowded Town Of Bellingen. Walked into the CWA Rooms where the Clinic is held and was greeted ever so warmly and with affection.

I almost wanted to cry because I have been so ill again and so sad.

I almost wanted to cry because they are the ones who stopped the agony of the spastic cramping pain.

I almost wanted to cry because I hurt so mush and I am so lonely.

They gave me a heated table and put lamps on me. They talked of this and that and gave me acupuncture including a mild electro therapy. They put a warm soft blanket on me and went away to mix herbs for me. Hours later – we were done and I didn’t want to cry anymore and they had also attended to the blood that leaks and the fluid that torments me. Even the clawing arthritis and the blurring vision were better.

And most of all – they loved me as I do them.

They did in fact restore me to a condition where I could think clearly and I was able to go out to Brierfield and visit with the Girls. THE BEAST was once again soothed.

As Bob Earle said :