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I am watching the Marigold Hotel. The last movie Iz and I went to see. We saw it at the Sawtell Movie Theatre before they closed it and now it has been saved and is being revamped. Iz and I can’t be revamped. He is gone now and I am shatteringly sad. I am lonely and bored by myself in Urunga. I have some money left and I think I might need to make a big decision of some kind.

Too much alone. Too little to do. Too familiar. 


Only a few weeks before he died, I saw a spirit being scuttle across the road near Mum and Dad’s old Home. It was kind of lizard/mammal and I reached across and screamed at him to stop driving but even as I did so I knew it wasn’t there in  this reality. I told people about it because it was so clear. I don’t know what it was – but I reckon it took him with it and now I am tired enough to sit here forever.


canoe I have called Doctor on Duty tonight. They come to the house after hours. It seems now a foolish and unnecessary thing to do. I feel quite well sitting here as it gets later but the days have been so rough. The later it gets the more unnecessary it seems.  No matter – I shall go through with it. The Surf is loud tonight and the air is cold. They tell me there is a gathering and bonfire at 3rd Headland for Simon’s friends.He mixed with a wilder scene than is my taste and was a great character.He keeps his canoe here and was going to come and go out fishing with me and tow me back if I became too tired but he isn’t coming back.

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