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It 2am. And I am once more wide eyed. I just realised that my Mum died on August 28, 2001 so by August 26 she was in a Coma and I was rushing down here from the Gold Coast and we were watching and making the decision to turn off life support which is really the same decision Kate and Jim had to make last year about me. The difference being that a week or so later, I woke up. Mum didn’t.

Anyways, back to an outline of one sweet flowing day. Up early and into Bellingen to watch the School Book Parade. I got there early and went over to North Bello and had enough wits to call at Northside Motors and talk to the man there by the name of Col. That was the best contact re Alfie’s door as yet. He loves Alfas and thinks he can get me a door and put it on. He has Alfas of his own and they have bought Zara Hablethwaite’s old house beside the Aframe where I once lived and only a few doors along from me now.

Then I went to the School with The Girls. Felt right at home like an old teacher ought to feel. Marvellous. Then down Acupuncture. I like it there in the CWA rooms. People on tables and talking and healers at work. Paul stopped the agony of my spasms and cramps earlier this year but I have let contact become erratic and am paying the price. $30 is all they charge and 3 shiatsu students were also working there and 2 of them treated me as well but I think their treatment has harmed my back and shoulder. A little too strong as Gina warned me about. Nonetheless it was a beautiful morning. My Beloved Children and Healing.

I met Liss for lunch at the Black Bear Cafe and ate well.

I came back to Urunga to see a new young doctor. All is well.I am beginning  to tire now. All that is left to do is cancel the cataract surgery. I am at  a breaking point. After acupuncture I am right royally loopy.  Time to sleep and leave tomorrow’s business until tomorrow.


To everyone who is sitting up late enough that they can forget that the bed is empty and the loved one gone, Hello. May you eventually sleep well. There are more of us out here thinking of you. Even though there is nothing we can do to help except wave across the ether.