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Took a trip to Fairyland today and it wasn’t far from here. Just a walk away with two little girls. We found some good things through the magic gate, so we did and next time we are going further.  I had a very kindly day today. I now have all of Izzy’s books and things here. Safe. I liked it in Fairyland.


I also received a message from a detox and rehab in the USA and it touched my heart.

Sobriety remains primary purpose and I feel only minimally involved at the moment. Its in the next load of washing I need to do and dry and sort.

What do I do next about Recovery ?

Where am I best placed ?

What work am I best at ?

I am beginning with Facebook and 2-3 meetings a week.

I am doing some writing.

Then I am going South to some different meetings and maybe coming back through Canberra to visit with Jo P and do some City Meetings.

Then perhaps I come home and let it all incubate.



Magic things happen there so I am told. We found a perfect white feather and a log and a spider fairy. And then we saw a wee fairy that looked like a butterfly. It went up into the high trees.


Good Night, Beloveds.



Cold again today. I did the things I am meant to do. Do the action and let the feelings follow. So I got up and went to meeting. Then I went for lunch with the others.  Bought healthy food for dinner. Slept in the afternoon. Then when the sun began to set, I did actually get myself out and drive to see whether I could get some photos. I got a couple round near the boathouses in Chinatown and I even drive out to Hungry Head. I almost stopped at Cunnghams’. I just wanted to say to someone : ” I am tired. I am really tired and sad. ” And I thought they were people who would understand that. I still think they are – but I didn’t stop there today.

I kept driving. I hadn’t been home long when I figured that maybe the Moon had risen and it had. Took a shot out the back of my place and then mustered up the wherewithal to walk across the way in the dark to the Lagoon. High tide and full moon . Quite beautiful. I started back and the next thing Old Fella Roo hopped right on past me – I could feel the wind whip of his passing. I like it out there in the blackness.