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Its cold today. Like – really cold. I had the heater on for much of it and after I come back from the shops , the heater will be going back on and I am not having a shower neither. Its cold. And grey and dribbly as I hear the Weather Woman say one night

I’m not taking any photos and I’m not doing much at all. I thought for a moment of going to watch Sandy at Anchors Wharf – but its too damned cold.


I changed my mind and went. Chicken and vegie soup. Some music and people and home again. I am being compelled to either grow younger again or live as a very old lady. Old Lady was my choice but it turned out to be extraordinarily difficult to do so I figure I had best drive the Alfa to Restaurants and take a plane to Merimbula. In addition, If I want to see the Red Head I am going to have to figure yet another younger strategy.

Very strange thing having a prop removed from one’s life. Comfort and security and support all gone.

Get your arse out there, Girl and reconstruct.