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I took myself to the end of the Rockwall this morning. Chatted with 2 local women. Took a lot of photos which worked really well. You know, I MIGHT one day go out over the Bar in a boat. I have never done that. Not in all these years and I MIGHT get plaques made and drill them into the footbridge. For Mum and Dad and Susan and Izzy. Its not Council or Department approved which makes it very appealing.

We had Facetime and I chatted out front with Remi and Jan. Learned something about the Garbage Bins and a little about my negativity. And then I slept some more. I have some small ticks on me and will hit them soon wit Cell Food.

Hey there, Iz. I am doing OK aren’t I ? Its not so much fun without you but I am doing OK.  Damned good walk it was. First big one on my own. A few ghosts of you early in the morning all alone tried to haunt me but I told them to bugger off and kept walking.



Today I met with a young woman and the FACS and we have CASE CLOSED. Damn good thing, you officialdoms whose understanding of  alcoholism is someplace below zero and who get paid to act inefficiently in matters of which you are dangerously ignorant.

We celebrated that at the Pomagranate Cafe with Zingers and Rainforest tea and toast with home made marmalade and mucho conversation. I have had laryngitis for a week so so I have one week’s chit chatting saved up. WE did that and nodded to passers by and then along came Phil and we talked of many things as people in their late 60s do.


Pat attention to their words no matter how long winded it seems. RobQ taught me that about my mother and nowadays its frequently my Mother’s simple stories which provide the wisdom I need for a day.

Anyways we chatted of this and that and Adaminaby in the Snowy Mountains. We talked of the trip he has planned far down South to Adelaide where Izzy planned to take me. I HAVE BEEN RIPPED OFF. On my own from 1987-2007 and then I thought I had found something I hadn’t known since I was a little girl and now its all gone and Warrior Woman has to return. Bugger it.

Phil moved along and we chatted with Evie from EVE’S BEAUTY AND NAILS. The first time I have ever had eyebrows which I like. Beauticians are a foreign world to me and this girl is a true sweetheart. She tells me she  doesn’t mind doing pedicures and her hands are gentle and kind.

Then we moved a few more inches along – chatted to some more folk and finally into our vehicles and HOME. I am not actually fit to be allowed out on my own.

Nothing insures immunity from drinking as much as intensive work with other alcoholics

Big Book p89

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