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The weather is a little gloomy. Well – very gloomy. That’s when a friend like SC is just the best for me. She is a barefooted, sandy, watery woman – and knows instinctively what it is that I need and want and like. Today she turns up fresh from a surf at Hungry Head and then we are both out there in the rain. Its good for me. WE talk and walk and get wet and grubby. And we drive in a Van just like Iz and I did. She stops in the middle of the road so that I can film kangaroos. I just might go camping again one day.  We both know what its like to be Widder Women.

And I am thinking about things as I sit here with the heater on. I can barely believe that the cramping pains have gone. I thought I was going to be crippled by them forever. I don’t know which thing stopped them but its soooo good.

It was either : acupuncture, chinese herbs, lymphatic massage and/or stopping all the pills inc magnesium and stopping the inhaler. Can hardly believe it. It changes everything.

It means I can do this trip South and go for walks . it means that my days are not filled with pain. It means that I can actually sleep.I don’t fear bed anymore. When the spasms were there, lying down was high risk for agony. Now I can snuggle in. Now I can sleep like an ordinary person.